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Haven Flowers is a family-run specialty flower farm in the heart of Boise, Idaho.


The idea was born during a strange, anxious time, March of 2020. I'll never forget sitting outside watching my kids play the week after their preschool closed and everything with my video marketing business went on hold. We were all home for who knows how long. Like everyone else, I was filled with anxiety about the unknown. I had recently started researching cut-flower growing after a conversation with a friend about how fun it would be to grow and sell dahlias. I knew that I could sit and worry and research everything about this strange thing called Covid-19 or I could focus on something I could control. I chose to learn all I could about growing cut-flowers!

Luckily, my husband grew up on an apple orchard and is a farmer at heart. Together we planned out a flower space and had a family project going that had us all working together and enjoying the sunshine and dirt. My twins loved helping and were so excited to have a flower stand. Ultimately, I think it was the big dinnerplate dahlias that got us all truly addicted! It's just so hard to believe something so spectacular can come from an ugly-looking tuber, water, dirt, and sunshine. 

One thing I noticed was a sense of peace when people were picking flowers and making arrangements. Not only do flowers bring joy, but they remind us of nature's calming presence and reassuring simplicity. There's nothing we needed more last year and always. We decided to expand the flower area in 2021 and make it more inviting for U-picks and small gatherings. We're looking forward to sharing our blooms with you!  - Sara

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